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dataset locked and previously reconciled items not hidden (General)

posted by timhalford(R), 04.02.2015, 20:31

what do you get when you run

select * from defaults where fldname = 'version';

fldname | fldvalue
version | 3.0.0
(1 row)

In case it matters, I have two databases and they both show the same

version is correct.

check if you have the employee and acsrole relations

\dt lists both relations.

well then everything seems to be ok.

as for the missing 'admin' add the login as per upgrade instructions in the
doc directory.


I can log into login.pl and "unlock" the dataset in the "system/maintenance" area but it changes nothing. I can still use the database so I don't think the problem is there.

I can't enter the administration page.

admin.pl takes me to the administration login page.

The login page takes me to the page where I can choose the dataset.

When I choose the dataset the next page lets me set a "lock message" or "Delete" or "Lock Dataset".

When I check the html behind the page, the action is indeed "Lock Dataset".

If I set the lock message, I can bring up an "Unlock Dataset" button. That button does not unlock the dataset. The action for that button is also "Unlock Dataset".

Where is the lock, that keeps the administration page locked out, located?


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