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16.02.2016, 05:49

Cash -> Receipt hanging (General)

Hi I have a problem with the Cash -> Receipt option. When I click it this results in the browser waiting for a server response which never comes and I then have to kill a process called cp.pl on the server in order to get the it working again! Even if I allow the process to wait for 5 mins I still get no response and eventually a timeout from the web server giving up.

If I turn on verbose logging on psql I can see this is the statement which does not complete (hangs). If I run this manually it also just hangs.

SELECT vc.*,
ad.address1, ad.address2, ad.city, ad.state, ad.zipcode,
ad.country, a.amount, a.paid,
l.description AS translation
FROM customer vc
JOIN ar a ON (a.customer_id = vc.id)
JOIN acc_trans ac ON (a.id = ac.trans_id)
JOIN chart c ON (c.id = ac.chart_id)
JOIN address ad ON (ad.trans_id = vc.id)
LEFT JOIN translation l ON (l.trans_id = c.id AND l.language_code = '')
WHERE a.amount != a.paid
AND a.approved = '1'
AND a.onhold = '0'
FROM semaphore)
ORDER BY vc.name;

I have numerous SQl-Ledger installs and this is the only one which does not complete however this install is also the largest database. I also notice the cash receipt option is slow on other installs but not yet failing to return. I wonder why it takes so long given that the cash receipt screen hardly contains anything other than a dropdown of customers?

I have tried a psql vacuum but it makes no difference. Please can someone help tell me how I can get this statement to return or to get my cash receipt option to work?

I'm using version 3.2 however the problem has been in previous versions too.


16.02.2016, 06:06

@ Tariq

Cash -> Receipt hanging [SOLVED]

fixed it mysqlf with some indexes! Now it works perfectly :)

CREATE INDEX index_customerid ON customer (id);
CREATE INDEX index_acc_transid ON acc_trans (id);
CREATE INDEX index_arid ON ar (id);

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