INSTALLATION FOR Debian 10.3 (Buster)
 - Install sql-ledger and database program
 sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-client sql-ledger apache2
  - Set password for database
 sudo passwd postgres
  - Create sql-ledger in database, use the same password as you entered above
 su postgres -c "createuser -d -S -R sql-ledger"
  - Set local use less restrictive
 sudo sed -i -e "s/local   all             all                                     peer/local           all        all           trust/" /etc/postgresql/11/main/pg_hba.conf
   - Restart database
 sudo service postgresql restart
   - Set up links for apache2 and restart
 sudo a2enconf sql-ledger-httpd.conf
 sudo a2enmod cgi
 sudo systemctl restart apache2
  - Put in needed link for templates or you get a "Error! : File exists"
 sudo ln -s /usr/share/sql-ledger/doc/templates /var/lib/sql-ledger
  - With browser, go to localhost/sql-ledger/admin.pl and enter password
  - Click "Add Dataset" then "Continue", fill in fields (for example):
 Dataset = amazonia
 Company = Amazonia Computing
 Administrator (keep default)
 E-mail = <your email>
 Password (use password above)
 Templates = Default
 Use Templates = Default
 Multibyte Encoding = Unicode
 Create Chart of Account = Default
  - Now with browser, go to localhost/sql-ledger/login.pl, enter admin,
  <password>, if it says "Upgrading to Version 3.2.6", hit continue
  - Add employee: HR->Employees->AddEmployee: <add name, etc>
  - Create customer Customer->AddCustomer: <fill in Customer>
  - Set system defaults: System->Defaults: Add phone, etc
  - Set preferences: OutputFormat: PDF, (maybe change stylesheet)
  - Add service or part: GoodsAndServices->AddService (or AddPart), add Software Engineering Consulting
  - Add invoice AR->SalesInvoice
  - If you want to change your logo, replace
    /usr/share/sql-ledger/doc/templates/Default/logo.eps with your logo